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Wheat Belly: An Unintended Consequence

Originally Published on Jun 11, 2013 Presenter: Ron Hunninghake M.D

Is wheat really that bad for you?

Don't we need those "healthy whole grains" that are so often recommended?

The answer is NO.

In fact, the "wheat" that is used in much of our foods today is very different from that of our ancestors...and it is taking a toll on our health.

In this 47 minute lecture, reknowned Dr. Ron Hunninghake discusses the unintended consequence of our genetically modified wheat and why it may be important to live a gluten free/wheat free way of life.

Dr. Ron Hunninghake tells us about another real problem...Sugar!..Virtually all of this fattening wheat intake is via commercially processed foods.. The real unintended consequence is, that by reducing our intake of these processed foods will also reduce our intake of processed sugars.

Lose the wheat... Lose the weight!

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