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Diet Resources & Directions

Need direction, support or motivation? You have come to the right place....
Below are the full Lean Body Diet & Maintenance Guides along with all the information needed to guarantee your weight loss success

Lean Body Diet & Maintenance Full Directions

Find your recommended Daily Caloric Intake and how to take your Lean Body supplement below: Here you can find everything you need to be successful on the Lean Body Weight Loss Program

Detailed Lean Body Diet Guide complete with meal planner  - DOWNLOAD DIET GUIDE

Detailed Maintenance 1 and Maintenance 2 Guides  - DOWNLOAD MAINTENANCE GUIDE


Wondering What Foods to Eat After the Diet?

Read all about The Whole Foods Diet.... our recommended way of eating


What Are Whole Foods? What Do you Recommend I Eat?  - READ

4 Rules for Healthier Eating & Faster Weight Loss  - READ

Whole Foods Market Better Eating Guide  - READ

90% of your daily diet should be comprised of nutrient rich plant foods (high ANDI score) with health-promoting phytochemicals. Read this chart to choose the most nutrient foods  - READ


... and what not to eat:

Beware of These Top 10 Scary Food Additives - READ





Diet Tips, Tools & Tricks

Read the following articles to help you reach your weight loss goal fast!

Lots of Calculators to help you figure out calories, exercise calories, etc  - READ

About Lean Body Ingredients

Watch the unbiased videos below to learn how the ingredients in Lean Body Weight Loss Supplement can help you lose weight faster and without cravings or hunger. Lean Body combines 21 proven weight loss ingredients to guarantee your weight loss success. Some of these ingredients are listed below along with videos to teach you more about their effectiveness.


1.  How does Garcinia Cambogia Work? - WATCH NOW

2.  Quickly Lose Weight, Suppress Appetite with Garcinia Cambogia - WATCH NOW


1. Watch a Study on Weight Loss Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract - WATCH NOW


1.  Learn How Raspberry Ketone Helps You Reach Your Diet Goals Faster - WATCH NOW

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