Lean Body: 3 months (180 capsules) SHIPPING

Lean Body: 3 months (180 capsules) SHIPPING

Our Lean Body Canada price of $149.97 includes:

- Three bottles of Lean Body Weight Loss Solution (180 capsules) which lasts 90 days (taking the minimum dosage of 2 per day) or 45 days (taking the maximum dosage of 4 per day).
- full diet instructions & eating plan created by our Lean Body certified nutritionist

Add on our Diet Kit with full Diet & Maintenance instructions
  • Details

    Ultimate Lean Body V-Caps (240 total/30 days)
    4 bottles of 60 each equals 240 total V-caps
    You take 4 per day so 4 bottles lasts for 60 days of dieting.

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